iPad support is coming

iPad support is coming to Wally! It will be available in the upcoming 3.2 version and will let you access your cards on all your mobile Apple devices.

iOS devices running Wally

Adding iPad support to Wally has been a pretty smooth ride, where the biggest change has been how cards are presented. Where iPhone devices list cards in a vertical list, iPad devices will instead use a grid to use more of the bigger screen. The grid will be adaptive and adjust itself to the size of the screen.

To get a little technical, Wally will use a grid regardless of device, but the configuration will use a single column on iPhone devices. This gives the iPhone and the iPad a similar experience, while still honoring the compact space on iPhone and the big screen of the iPad. The skeumorphism is also intact on both platforms.

The iPad app supports keyboard shortcuts, but will not yet enable them. It currently depends on the build tools, where the tools that are required to enable the shortcuts can not yet be used for App Store apps. These shortcuts are coming shortly, though.

As you now will be able to use Wally on all your mobile Apple devices, you may want to sync data between them. However, Wally does not support automatic data sync, since that would require you to store you sensitive data on a shared location. Instead, you can send single cards as well as your entire wallet between your devices directly from the app.

Wally 3.2 is currently being beta tested, but will be released soon. It will probably be the last version that supports iOS 14, before moving on to exciting new features in iOS 15.