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Wally 4 is released

Sep 20, 2022 releases

Wally 4.0 is out! It has been rewritten from scratch and has a bunch of new features, such as support for many new item types, tags, search, stunning new skins etc.

Wally 3.3 is released

Aug 18, 2021 releases

Wally 3.3 has been released, which brings back a features that some users have missed - the fullscreen card modal.

Re-adding a missing feature

Aug 16, 2021 general

As some of you may have noticed, the big rewrite and the introduction of the new card screen caused a favorite feature to disappear - the full screen modal card. Well, it’s coming back.

Wally 3.2 is released

Aug 15, 2021 releases

Wally 3.2 has been released, with brand new support for iPad. This means that you can finally use Wally on all your mobile Apple devices.

iPad support is coming

Aug 12, 2021 generalipad

iPad support is coming to Wally! It will be available in the upcoming 3.2 version and will let you access your cards on all your mobile Apple devices.

Wally 3.1 is released

Aug 10, 2021 releases

Wally 3.1 has been released, with all the new features mentioned in the previous post. It’s a big leap forward, that will let Wally evolve even more in the future.

Wally is being rewritten from scratch

Aug 8, 2021 general

The Wally app for iOS has been around for 9 years, but it isn’t until now that it has been properly rewritten to make way for new exciting features. Here’s what’s new.