Wally 4.2 is out

Sep 6, 2023 releases

Wally 4.2 is out, with a brand new skin, support for the Shortcuts app, some UI tweaks and a couple of important bug fixes.

iOS devices running Wally

New skin

Wally 4.2 adds a brand new skin to premium users. Panama has green, delicate leather and white, discrete stitches. We hope you love it as much as we do.


Wally 4.2 adds support for the Shortcuts app. Shortcuts can now link to any item in your wallet, and you can build this into any workflow, opening up for brand new ways to access your things.

UI adjustments

Photos can now be expanded on iPad. The premium screen replaces the solid background with a beautiful glass panel. There are also more tweaks in the main menu and the settings screen.

Bug fixes

Wally 4.2 makes business cards and photos resize properly when you use the size slider to resize them. There are also an important bug fix that makes it possible to import data files from iCloud.


These are some the many changes in Wally 4.2. You can download the app from the App Store. We hope you will love it.


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