Wally gets support for Shortcuts

Sep 2, 2023 features

Wally 4.2 will soon be out. It will add brand new support for Shortcuts integration, which will let you open any item in your wallet as a standalone shortcut, or as part of another shortcut!

iOS devices performing a shortcut

Wally 4.0 introduced support for Siri shortcuts, which made it possible to let the app to donate all items you opened, then create voice shortcuts to show those items with Siri.

Wally 4.2 replaces this with brand new ways to open any of your items from the Shortcuts app. This lets you create individual shortcuts for certain items, or add a Wally step into another shortcut flow.

Wallys biometric authentication will still apply, which means that you must still identify yourself with Face ID or Touch ID when the shortcut opens the app, before the item will be shown.

Wally 4.2 will be released during next week. Make sure to keep an eye on this blog and follow Wally on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.