Extended Shortcuts support

Sep 18, 2023 features

Wally 4.4 will extend support for Shortcuts integration, and will let you use Siri to open any item in your wallet.

iOS devices performing a shortcut

Wally 4.2 added Shortcuts integration that lets you link to items in your wallet from the Shortcuts app. This lets you open your items from any shortcut workflow.

Wally 4.4 will extend this support by generating specific shortcuts for all of your named items. This means that you will be able to open items in your wallet with these kind of trigger phrases:

Show my Amex card in Wally

Show my App Store receipt in Wally

iOS 17 will use machine learning to improve its Siri capabilities. This means that you no longer have to exactly match these phrases. For instance, this will also work:

Open my Amex card in Wally

Biometric authentication will still apply, which means that you must still identify yourself with Face ID or Touch ID when the shortcut opens the app, before the item will be shown.

Wally 4.4 will be out on the App Store next week. Make sure to keep an eye on this blog and follow Wally on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.