Wally 4 is released
Sep 20, 2022 releases

Wally 4.0 is out! It has been rewritten from scratch and has a bunch of new features, such as support for many new item types, tags, search, stunning new skins etc.

iOS devices running Wally

Wally 4 has been rewritten from scratch for iOS and iPadOS 16. It uses the latest technologies from Apple to bring you an app that is a lot more polished, with a new desktop-like experience on iPad.

Wally now lets you store more things in your wallet, with receipts, business cards, photos and notes as new types. Check back later for more things and features, such as being able to call contacts.

Wally can also be skinned and lets you pick from a (yet small) collection of skins, such as blue and brown leather. This changes the look of the entire app and lets you find a style that fits you.

Besides these new features, Wally also lets you organize your wallet with tags, search among your content to quickly find the item you’re looking for etc.

More features and additions are being planned in upcoming versions. Don’t hesitate to reach out with your feedback and suggestions.

Wally 4 can be downloaded here.