Wally 4.1

Aug 25, 2023 releases

Wally 4.1 is out, with a bunch of improvements that make the app more delightful to use.

iOS devices running Wally

Wally 4.1 restructures the main menu and groups things in a nicer way. The tag menus are also moved from the main menu to each item list screen.


The settings screen has been cleaned up, and will only show settings for the item types that you have added.


The premium screen has been redesigned to better show the premium features and to make it easier to find links to the terms & conditions, privacy policy, subscription management, etc.

Search has been improved and is now case-insensitive. The current search query will also apply when you go to the edit screen, so that only the currently filtered items show up.


These are a few of the many changes in Wally 4.1. We hope you will love it.

Wally 4.1 can be downloaded here.